I feel Orange!!!!

I feel Orange!!!

The color Orange represents stimulation, attraction, success, creativity, and determination. Orange has proven to be the most used marketing tool.
Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. Orange represents enthusiasm.

Dare I say I’m feeling Orange!! It has somehow become my signature color over the past few months!! It brightens my day and sets the mood of those surrounding me. You know it’s amazing how changing from drab to lively and vibrant can change your outlook ! I feel Orange, reddish Orange!!
Thank God for His love and ability to transform even the worst situation into a blessing. If you haven’t figured it out yet orange symbolizes my rebirth. Me being born again, lifted to a higher level, and motivated to change.
I’m amazed at the miracle of self reflection! If you ever doubted the blessing of each situation good or bad which we face daily…..you’re lost!!
Just think I got all of this from the color Orange. ……

As the song says, In my Shug Avery voice, “God is trying to tell you something, God is tryna’ to tell you something, Maybe God is Trying to tell you something right now right now……I hear you Lord, I hear you Lord! “

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