Today I heard a word in the silence…..Protection! When listening to a client compare being incarcerated outside the walls of Metro Jail by his mind and use of substances I heard myself witnessing to him and discuss how change is a choice and explaining how God protects us even when we fall short of His plan. Hearing him say “thank you Jesus! and cry as he shared how even in his error God is teaching and protecting him, brought me a joy I have no words express!
Seeing transformation in front of my eyes and being able to share God’s protective love/ covering was Amazing! For the first time in a few months I felt a connection with the spirit I haven’t felt….rejuvenation happened! I came in today thinking it was status quo and left feeling as though I had climbed a mountain. I feel a new kind of peace! Even when I got bad news my reaction was different….I began to pray and thanked God for those that were praying with me! You see I know I and all those surrounding me whether family,friend, or stranger are under His protection!! Thank You Lord!!!

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