When a test is given 

Today I  was sitting watching a movie , God’s Not Dead 2, one of the lines stated was,  ” when a test is given the teacher is always quiet. ” This statement made me think of  the road it took for me to be  diagnosed and change my life for the better.  Looking back to my life on May 29,2012 and seeing where I  am now I’m thankful for my faith,  the healing of my mind, body,  and spirit.  You see since my first neurologist told me  my diagnosis I have felt physical pain I would’ve never thought I  could overcome and I  have fought others who thought telling me to sit down and not to do  something was helping me. 

I have to thank relapsing Multiple Sclerosis for being God’s  test for me.  Through this test I call life I have learned just how strong I am. Before this I don’t believe I  knew exactly  how much Power I possess.  I used to  measure my  life by my losses now I count each step and  move as a Victory,  because I could awaken one day with no movement.  No,  I’m not speaking that on myself.  I walk in  confidence that I will walk maybe run all the days of my life.  

My goal now is to listen to the teacher even in the silence. The silence is a part of the  lesson and the test. No day is easy but it is always worth it.  I am  more honest, blunt,  open now than I have ever been. Thankfully everyone that comes into or has been in my  life is just as strong and uplifting as I  am. God knew who to place in my life for what time even when I  attempted to  reject them. God sent them  back to me.  Needless to say I am not suffering I am walking in victory.  No victim here!  I’m a Warrior I’m working to uplift and promote strength in others.  So listen to the  teacher during the test,  in the silence there is a lesson/message .

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