MS Hug

Today has been one of my challenging days. I woke up sore, which isn’t unusual for me. I went to work and after sitting down for a little while I realized this soreness, or I should say pain wasn’t exercise related. It was an unfriendly MS Hug. What is a MS Hug? It is like wearing a two sizes too small girdle for 16 hours and being unable to release yourself. Needless to say I am home laying down. Today, standing, sitting, and moving was work. Walking was difficult, sitting was uncomfortable, and standing just flat out hurt. But I refuse to allow myself to feel defeated. My saying is, ” I have MS it doesn’t have me!” I mean that. This chronic illness doesn’t have control over me. It may slow me down from time to time, but I’ve got it beat. 

Tomorrow is a new day and prayerfully I will awaken without this agonizing pain.One thing is for sure I will be at work and rpf tomorrow night. It doesn’t matter if I am in pain or not. I usually grin and bear it, unless it’s too severe for me. Usually, I keep it to myself if I’m really hurting, but those in my circle know and keep me accountable for my health. I decided to take a  moment and educate a few people about this silent illness and how someone may look fine on the  outside  but really be hurting on the inside. 


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