a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s movements, senses, or activities.

synonyms: handicap, disablement, incapacity, impairment,infirmity, defect, abnormality; More

  • a disadvantage or handicap, especially one imposed or recognized by the law.

Today I was researching so new career opportunities and as I reviewed the information one question stood out. ” Do you have a disability?” Of course I motioned to reply no, then I looked at the list and there it was, “Multiple Sclerosis.” It like a ton of bricks, to some I have a  disability,  I’m disabled, but I am not. I am living with a chronic illness. 

I’ve honestly never thought about my diagnosis as being a disability. In some ways it has actually improved my life. I’m more transparent, have a stronger relationship with God, and see things as they are. I don’t believe there’s time to  sugar coat anything. Most of all I’m strong in mind,body, and spirit. Yes, I get tired and sometimes have memory fogs,  insomnia, pain, itching, but I didn’t know that meant I was living with a disability.

I am still attempting to wrap my brain around this concept. I’m going to continue to be me and push the envelope. I have no plans to slow down and not move. I’ve always said, ” I have MS it doesn’t have me”, and I intend to stand on that. The world may define MS as a disability but I say my diagnosis helped me learn exactly how strong I am. 

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