The past few months I’ve been experiencing an increase in anxiety. Not feeling as though I can’t breathe, but readying myself for what’s next. Tonight my body literally felt like I received an electrical jolt. Honestly I am still tingling ( feeling my nerves charging off). It’s uncomfortable and has caused me to ponder how uncomfortable it is to step out on faith.  

It’s never easy to do the thing we know we’re called to. The easy choice is to  keep on the same path not looking to take a detour. Well, I’m ready to make the uncomfortable detour down the road I haven’t traveled. There are times in one’s life where doing the most important thing is to be true to self. This is the time of being selfish.   

I’m ready to be selfish and feel this tingling. I am ready to see what’s down this winding road. It’s time to make it happen.  It’s time to push past myself and  finishing the world that lies ahead of me. Whether this means relocating,  changing careers, or writing a best seller remain to be seen. The one thing I know is it’s about to happen. I am ready to see what’s awaits me.

It’s day two of my body tingling uncontrollably. I feel drained, am experiencing brain fog, and don’t know why, but I refuse to give in to MS. Instead I’ve been modifying things to assist me with accomplishing my goals/ tasks for the day.  I must admit this tingly/ itchiness is no fun. It’s like some poured itching powder and ants on me. I hate it but I’m managing. It could be much worse. I just try not scratch my skin off and ignore it. Of course, I am not able to ignore it, but it sounds good. Ironically the brain fog is the easiest to cope with. I just keep thinking this is nothing. I got this.

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