Discovery and Changes


On May 29, 2012 my life changed in a way I never expected. I was diagnosed with RRMS ( relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis). After first being in shock then devastated I thanked God because I know He has a plan for me and conquering MS.
Since that day I’ve had ups and downs, made changes, and am learning all I can about ways of improving my life. Every situation I face I’m happy I don’t face it alone I have God on my side. He’s blessed me with an awesome support system. My future looks bright and I’m ready to conquer any obstacle that tries to get in my way.
A few months ago I began writing the thoughts God sent me in the early morning. As I write I feel closer to God and closer to my own healing.
After much talking with God or rather battling with Him due…

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Today I faced my "New Normal." I was sitting at my desk busily typing away when all of a sudden I couldn't remember how to spell or what I was doing. Tears welled up, but I fought them back. I walked out of my office softly repeating the word I couldn't spell. I hoped by …

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