My mottoToday I received a book in the mail titled: It’s not all in your head. It focuses on the emotional issues some individuals experience after receiving a diagnosis of MS.  I didn’t order the book so I wasn’t expecting it. It came because I joined a healthy living group for individuals diagnosed.  I decided since I had the book and am home sick with a stomach virus I would rummage through it. As I rummaged I came to a story of a young career woman. Her story on so many ways mimicked mine, except she never mentioned spirituality. Yes, she discussed being strong, extended family and friend support, researching everything, making lists, and reaching out to others through support groups and the Internet, but she didn’t mention God. I don’t know why that stuck out most. Maybe because for me God is my ultimate source and He’s surrounded me with my support system.  God’s love is all encompassing and His message to us is to spread His word throughout. It’s my belief that no matter what obstacle we face there’s a story ( message) for someone else. With that being said, maybe the woman’s story was placed there to push me to spread mine. She mentioned meeting a gentleman at a support group that was diagnosed ten years ago and had never said the words aloud to anyone until he met her. That’s mind boggling. I couldn’t imagine that, but God blessed me with family both spiritual and natural. So I believe I am a living testimony!  My motto is : Don’t sweat the small stuff God’s got it!!!

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