Real Relationship 

Usually reading a book, writing a short story or poem, or watching a movie will calm me. However recently this hasn’t been the case. Until I saw the movie “The Shack”. It reminded me of why I love the book so much. Although, there is controversy surrounding the book and the movie the message is clear, God loves us unconditionally. There is no doubt about His love and care for us. 

The one truth I have always believed is life is a continuous roller-coaster, which we experience under the watchful eye of God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Like the book and movie refer to them Papa, Son, and the fresh wind hold on to us as we move through each day. Each event we experience whether it be waking, walking, holding a conversation, or pondering the status of your life God is there. Understanding this is crucial. 

As a human being  I know I will make mistakes, get bumps and bruises, have disagreements with others, and disappointments. As a Christian, I know when life happens I can talk with God. As I have grown I know I can talk to God day in and out, about anything. He’s the best confidant I could have.  Having a relationship with God is not like any other. My relationship with Him has not been easy. I have questioned Him and He’s answered me. I don’t always like what the answer is but I accept it. Usually I quickly come to understand why God said, “not yet, no, or yes.” 

There have been times I’ve wanted to scream at God and I have. He didn’t yell back instead I received messages through my dreams or a whispered word. 

A few years ago when I read The Shack, I sat up in my bed and cried. I thanked God for loving me, loving us so much, and taking care of us even when we don’t deserve it. This relationship with God that is discussed in the book and movie is what I  ultimately strive for.  A relationship that is full of knowing and acknowledging the love that surrounds us. It gives me balance and strength. 

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